How to Use Lingerie? See 5 Tips of a Muse!

In 44 years, but filled with everything on top, linda and ex-top model Helena Christensen, has launched your first collection of lingerie, and more, to prove that you still got it, she made a point of herself posing for the collection. According to the own confided to the English Vogue:

“I developed everything myself, but obviously had a team working with me, explaining all the technical part – we combine inspirational panels, sketches, fabrics, everything to me feel inspired. It was fascinating to be able to sit next to experienced designers and see the whole process of construction. I went to Hong Kong to talk to dressmakers and view the first samples “.

In partnership with the Triumph, the collection came in three themes: Poetica (with sexy items income, and adorned with Swarovski crystals), Ballerina (well women and inspired by the glamour of the ‘ 70) and Dahlia, (romantic).

In addition to plead crazy about lingerie “since adolescence,”when I was an avid collector of vintage lingerie, top, to show that you understand all of sensuality, decided to share with us five great tips to make nice to lingerie.

Paper and pencil:

  1. create a ritual:”the lingerie is the first thing you wear at the beginning of the day, so you should take advantage of to make the moment special and leave with a smile on his face,” says Helena. The tip? Apply oils for the body and try to improve these few minutes lighting a candle while you dress;
  2. Do not open the hand of comfort:”Try and make sure the pieces are really comfortable and work in favor of your silhouette, you don’t want to feel restricted by your underwear”;
  3. Try different tones:”most women do not invest on items besides the black and nude; I love lingerie in colorful tones. Watch straps, also many models have beautiful bulges, but rely on ugly handles of elastic. Look for models with quality strips and leave them a little bit to show”;
  4. End to a:”Invest in pieces that can work well when mixed; I never fit in my underwear! Can be an exercise inspired thinking in different combinations, especially when parts of the sets are not clean at the same time!”;
  5. Sensual, not sexy:”isn’t it better to look sexy and beautiful rather than just sexy for someone special? This is one of the reasons that make me like vintage lingerie: tones washed and beautiful shapes are much more attractive than one of those sets.

Well, just in case … it’s always nice to hear advice from someone who understands the subject.