How To Use Glasses As Style Accessories

Choose a pair of glasses is more than putting on your face and ready. We give you valuable tips in this post. In partnership with Transtitions Lenses.

We think what stage is beautiful can be functional and not what is powerful/single cannot be extremely comfortable. We’re here for, along with the Transitions lenses, undo these myths when we talk about eyewear.

After all, the photochromic lenses (those who stay indoors and dark transparent in the Sun, in contact with UV rays) are almost indispensable aid when we combine comfort (to the point of forgetting that we’re using) with style (to speak to the world who we want to be and look at that time). With them, we just remember that wearing glasses when gives that look smart on camera and remember how beautiful.

And Yes, glasses can and should be comfortable style features: are wonderful accessories that can have different roles depending on what you are trying to convey. So, here are two great styling tricks to choose glasses that will accompany you on the day (‘ it’s all in the video too!).

For When You Want To Demonstrate Safety

Your glasses can be a great weapon to show the world how much you’re sure of yourself and of your choices, you know? Whenever you call attention to the face, you demonstrate safety. In this case, the trick here is to bet in contrast visible in relation to your face. You can do this through the frame–and choose, for example, a squarer if your face is round, lens–and suddenly, choose a great in contrast with small and delicate features, or with a hot color for the cooler skin tone. And all that unlike also applies, see?

For When You Are Using A Brincão (Big Hair, Batonzão…)

As we talked about before, to draw attention to the face tells the world that our self-esteem is in day and “o, how the people are awesome”.You can do this with glasses Yes, but can also use a brincão power, a wonderful hairdo and even a lipstick of those blockbuster. In this case, for the glasses continue harmonics (and you don’t even need to think about taking), the idea is to bet on the zero contrast and leave for couples more neutral. And o, neutral glasses has nothing to do with the “go away” on his face. Just want to say that it follows what you already have naturally: if her features were more angular, choose an angular frame, if you have small eyes, use smaller lenses and so on.

See how they can be a super styling accessory and give that changed visual magic? Better yet, see how they can do all that and be totally comfortable and companions?

The Transitions lenses are the perfect companions for those who want to wear glasses as a styling accessory without giving up the comfort.Who likes to wear sunglasses like style on a daily basis know there’s nothing more annoying than having to get your pair so loved when it arrives in a closed environment, for example. Or when you have to switch to another frame just to get out in the Sun, isn’t it?

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