How to Style Faux Fur Coats

Fake Fur is the trend this season. The cuddly fur substitute looks elegant, but is 100% politically correct-the materials are produced artificially. Fake Fur-or Faux Fur-you can get in different forms. As sheath it makes a statement with which you must deal. In a simple variant Fake Furs are designed as the West or as a collar edge of a jacket. Especially now in this time of year is a fake fur a fashionable alternative to the vest.

Faux Fur Coats

Faux Fur Trend

The wrong fur is the trend material in winter. You are torn whether you like a fake fur or not? So you are not alone there. This farce is very polarizing. I myself plead as fake fur lover and would like to therefore give a few examples of how you wear it best. Because a fake fur as a vest is easy to combine:

The Urban Look

The fur coats listed on are perfect for the modern urban style. But you need a black leggings or slim jeans in XXL and stylish boots. As shell you choose a tight longsleeve in large sizes or a classic turtleneck. The tops should only be thin, so that you will not be too hot with the vest that you now upward pull. An alternative to pants and sweater is the combination with a knitting or flower dress in large sizes. Both forms optically a pleasant contrast to the rough vest. Rounding out the Plus Size Look with boots.

The Business Look

If you a handsome business look with jeans and a blouse allows you can to a fake fur vest wear plus size. However, you should note that the vest rather heated. Your outfit complements XXL vest in job probably when you have to do lunch outdoors or spend several courses.

The Plus Size Party Outfit

This may be quiet chic and elegant – the way you like best feel. Get the leggings in leather look out and carry them with a trendy top. The fake fur vest as a topping is a stylish eye-catcher that you also then warms when the party moved outside.


  • Consider the color scheme, so that your plus size look is harmonious. Fake Furs are usually kept in natural colors and harmonize so best with other natural colors. Colourful contrasts as small points of view are refreshing.
  • Tote quality faux fur with a good processing. Although these cost a little more but act even after frequent wearing such a beautiful fur and not like a shaggy bear.
  • Combine Faux Fur with a fitted parts. The faux fur is very bulky, so your outfit needs a feminine silhouette. With tight pants, skirts and tops you tricking you even visually at the end a little bit slimmer.
  • The easiest way is a combination of fake fur with parts in the same colors : A completely black plus size outfit is easily assembled and reduces your silhouette. A brown or beige look with a fake fur lives of different shades of the same color.