How to Redesign Your Towels Every Day

1. 27 ways to tie towels

Shawls and scarves belong to my outfit.And how is it with you?Women, as well as men, love these versatile accessories.They adorn our neck, protect us from cold and and and.You can buy them in all colors and many different qualities and fabrics.I think this is great, because they are very variable, both in cold winter days and in the hottest summer weeks.And in order to be able to use cloths more versatile, you can bind them in a variety of different ways.Now we have discovered a style guide, which would help you to bind towels.Ready?Let’s go!

2. How can I bind towels?

Well, that cloths are very versatile, I have just written.But when I looked into StylesYouLove Style Guide, I was again very positively surprised.Here you will find tips and tricks on 60 pages, not only to tie your head and neck, but also how you can design other accessories with your own clothes.

You will learn something about the basics, for example, which types of towels and sizes are available via After that, the basics continue.You’ll learn how easy it is to make a stylish bracelet out of your favorite ring and a cloth, or how to turn a new bag into a handbag, with helpful pictures and step-by-step instructions.Great idea, I think.;) Go on and now you’ll learn what it’s like with a twister or waterfall and how a tie becomes a tie.Or try it with the headscarf variations: Piratentuch with loop or the casual knot.