How to Paint Sweaters

By: camillebrion

Paint t-shirts and t-shirts can be a way to earn some money as it can also be a way to create, expand your artistic skills and give your friends unique offers.
For many people, dressing alternatively through unique and impossible to replicate garments is a way to achieve differentiation. 
Think outside the box, create unique pieces and this Christmas offer unique pieces to your family and friends.
Have fun creating with imagination!

First of all, there is the suggestion that you always have useless fabrics around for testing the paints and to correct any errors that may arise.
Have a set of basic inks for fabric. The most suitable colors for a first purchase will be colors like yellow, pink or magenta, red, blue, white and black. With these colors combined in the right quantities you can create all the colors on a palette, with the exception of metallic ones and special paints like glitter.
Once the inks and colors have been selected, follow the next step: Search the internet and choose your design or create an original part.
Pass the drawing onto the T-shirt using a normal non-fading pen and do not wipe the ink across the fabric.
If the fabric is dark, do the work in phases. Paint first with a light paint and let it dry. This ink will serve as a basis for the next paints not to be absorbed by the dark color of the sweater or top.
If you already feel safe, you can only pass the exterior strokes of the drawing and fill in according to the original or varying with your taste.
After the base and filling of the shirt, repeat the step of painting the outer cutout of the design. Also paint the strongest lines to delimit the different spaces well, but keep in mind: for the contours of the drawing you should use the help of a very fine brush, never more than a number 2 brush.
The outline should be smooth and delicate.
If your drawing paints a cartoon or the image of an animation, use the trick of painting small drops and lines in places where supposedly there would be brightness(shoulders, head, eyes). Everything in life has light and if your drawing has light in some perspective, it will have a more real and more perfect air.

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