How to Make Your Eyes Bigger with Makeup

Tricks to open the look

The makeup is, certainly, the best friend of the modern woman, with her can change the look from one moment to the next and fix any little thing that we like. This is one of the biggest advantages of make, plus let you embellished, it also transforms dashes and underlines what we have better.

Some women have a problem with your eyebrows, then, use makeup to leave her in order, valuing the expression of the face. Other, with very delicate faces, have small eyes and, therefore, are restricted to the use of certain makes often diminish even more eyes. The right makeup can solve this problem by ensuring an expressive look and very sexy.

What to do to increase your eyes? White eye pencil or Pearl. That’s right, the most used makeup eyeliner was always black and Brown too, but these colors tend to close. The result can be very seductive and powerful if your eyes are great, but to whoever has the look closed, it is best to invest in light. To achieve this, the pencil must be of a light color, like white or beige. Pass the product in the water line and at the top too.

The shadow also helps in this process. Choose shades of brown to mark the concave, it gives depth to the look, which also gives impression of them being bigger. After passed the shadow and eyeliner pale, invest in mascara to lashes. Applied in the upper lashes only, she lifts the look. Already applied several layers up and down, it tends to open the look.