How to Make Earrings with Feathers

For several seasons, designers offer us to wear big and bulky jewelry. In the last season, added another everything and earrings in the shape of feathers. Many ladies long doubted whether so much to attract attention, and all such innovations or go to the clothes that you can wear earrings with feathers. Overall, myths and doubts about this undeniable trend today set.

From What to Wear Earrings, Feather?

Today earrings with feathers so varied that they can be worn with almost everything. Earrings can be made from the feathers of a peacock, pheasant or other painted and decorative feathers. Today they are quite relevant both at work and at school, not to mention various occasions or parties.

Long earrings with feathers is the best option for one night. These earrings from CachedJewelry look impressive, if you take colored long skirts to the floor, in combination with other accessories (such as bracelets, belt) or choose eye color.
Well, these earrings tops, tunics in ethnic style, some blouses. Even evening dress can successfully diversify if you choose the right color and length of the blade. And they can just wear jeans and T-shirt with an interesting neutral color and add the image of earrings with feathers.
Many are afraid to wear so bright decoration. Most of the shops are earrings with peacock feathers, they are perhaps the most colorful and spectacular of all possible thanks to its unique coloring and really attracts attention. But we must not abandon such a pleasure just because you ashamed caution. After all, you can buy earrings calm hues, and even miniature strict (if it can not be said for earrings with feathers). And you can go the other way: if you can not select from the proposed stores make this ornament does not take himself too much work and time, and in addition to this exclusive wardrobe doubt should not!

Earrings with Feathers with His Hands

Buy earrings and make themselves – are completely different things (emotions and impressions), the more that open many stores where you can buy parts for making ornaments presents no difficulty, and their price is low. Hence the need for making earrings feather their own hands:

  • Tel 08 mm (select a color from the color of the pen);
  • Cutters, pliers and tongs circle (you can go through a short course in men, it will show in detail what happens);
  • 2 pcs pins loop fastening rings, beads and feathers (all show and help you choose the store).

So, we proceed to production. Take the wire and wrap a knitting needle with a diameter of 4 mm (or bamboo), the number of turns determine eye, 9-10 pieces.