How to Make a Hairstyle, Retro and Vintage Style

If you want to slightly change your appearance by a different typical braids, monkey and horse tails hairstyle, I teach you today a step by step easy so that you look like a true diva.

This tutorial simulates the classic Audrey Hepburn hairstyle and is perfect to be worn in any occasion, it is smart to go to work, it is stripped out with her friends and romantic for a date with your guy. To do this you will need simply a fine comb, tweezers and hair bands, a slight fixing lacquer

and a hair accessory, I recommend a delicate, very feminine headband. Learn, then how do the style of Audrey Hepburn, very easy.

The first thing you should do is a high horse tail and turn on the well with a rubber. Bring the tail of the horse to the front of the head, and with a fine comb, entangles a bit your hair at the back of the tail, combing tips toward the base of the tail of a horse. This trick is necessary to give volume to the monkey vintage we are creating.

Once you have a little tangled back your horse tail, bring him again to its original position and turn the ends of your hair next to the base of the tail of horse with a pair of tweezers in retro style. So, create a very large monkey. Arranged the hairs that are loose and light well the hair with tweezers. Apply lacquer generously so that the monkey will not drain.

Add your favorite accessory and these lists to shine like a movie star. If you do not stay clear any step of this tutorial. I leave you with several videos that teach you, in detail, how to do it: