How to Make a Cheap Toy for Your Dog

Play with our pets is always refreshing and gives that stimulus to both parties, both for the owner, but also for the animal. To improve this time fun, we brought some tips and step by steps for you to create simple and inexpensive toys for your dog.Check out how easy it is to do at home!

Step By Step

There are several ways to make this toy. You can simply put the PET bottle inside the stocking and tie.Or do even more cool ways. In this first option, you only need an old sock and a plastic bottle of 600 ml or something this size, screwdriver and shoelace/string.

Wrap the plastic bottle with the sock and then use a screwdriver to make the holes at one end of the half, tying a shoelace to the plastic stay trapped inside the half. Another option is to sew on the end or, to simplify, put part of the fabric of the end of the half in the bottle nipple and screw the plastic cover, trapping half cloth.

See this otherwise super simple to make. Just wrap the PET bottle with tissue and pass the leagues to hold the plastic rubber, packing like a Bonbon. Then cut the fabric end, shredding them in the same way that is shown in the photo.

To do this bone with flaps of fabric is very quiet.Learn how to make the post we teach all the step by step. The coolest thing is that you won’t need stitching, just fabric flaps and scissors!

In this last toy was pretty easy to make too. You just need to pick up a sock or a fabric to wrap an old tennis ball. Then just let him enjoy the new toy. I hope you enjoyed the tips. You can customize the way you want by placing one or more other objects within the half-hour. Good jokes with your buddy or buddy and until the next tip!