How to Make A Barbecue Apron

To sew a real barbecue apron, you must be a professional. With just a few simple steps the first work is already completed and can protect the grill master in its task of fat splashes.


  • If you go to the fabric store to buy the appropriate work equipment, keep in mind that a barbecue apron will also be used.So choose a fabric that can be washed well.
  • The right color should also look good on the barbecue.Summer colors appear here usually better than winter tones.
  • The grill master himself has the last word.If he does not like the barbecue apron, it is also not supported.
  • BBQ apron has not only grease stains, but can tolerate occasional sparks.So choose a sturdy fabric; preferably cotton.
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Make Barbecue Apron


  1. initially cut across the width of two strips of fabric approximately ten centimeters in width. Make sure that a straight cutting edge.
  2. Fold the strip in the first edge in the middle, then the whole strip center.The right side of fabric to be outside.
  3. Place the strips of a seam that is as close as possible to the open side.
  4. Now place the large piece of cloth in the middle together and mark the length of the size of Master Grill.Two to three centimeters seam allowance to forget.
  5. Then mark (on coated fabric halved) of half the width of the chest (width, should have the apron on the top edge).
  6. Draw a loose curve connecting the edge of the breast to the waist.
  7. When cutting note you will need two to three centimeters of sewing.
  8. Measure the desired length apron barbecue and cut the remaining material.(Note seam!)
  9. Folding the fabric to fold back outside and all fabric edges around twice.If you want a visible hem, first bend one centimeter to the left, then a centimeter to the right. But beware: small inaccuracies can be seen here stronger than usual invisible seam that is folded twice a centimeter to the left.
  10. Connect this seam firmly with many pins.
  11. At the corners of the edge of the breast and the end of the connecting curves you bring to the already produced material strips and place seam here.For most grill masters, the length of fabric strips, if you use a third of the neck and two-thirds the size. Follow SONGAAH for songs related to barbecue.
  12. Now been sewing the hem of the BBQ Apron with the sewing machine.
  13. Finally, bending the ends inside fabric strips and sew firmly.

With scraps of fabric, you can now attach touches like pockets on the apron. Fabric color, you can also attach color patterns or funny drawing on the barbecue apron. How about, for example, with a singing bratwurst?