How to Know Your Bra Size

Because it is more difficult than we think to choose her bra size, here are some tips to (finally) know exactly its measurements.

We know all his shoe size, his jean size, of panties but, oddly, not her bra size. Is at least that many very serious studies confirm annually, the latest explaining that nearly 80%% of respondents do not know their exact measurements. A statement even more distressing that there are very simple methods to remedy.

Step# 1: Measure His Waist

Using a tape measure, measure the width just under your chest, tightly, but breathing normally and you taking straight. Note the measure indicated on the Ribbon by rounding to the nearest five multiple (75, 80, 85,).

Step N ° 2: Measure His Chest

Always with the same measuring tape, measure around your chest by taking the widest part of your breasts and making sure that the tape measure is at the same height, front and back.Note the indicated size.

Step N ° 3: Calculate Your Bra Size

Once the measures are taken, just a little math to know your cup size, which is represented by a letter: A, B, C, D… . etc. More precisely, you need to subtract your waist size to your turn of chest (by example: 85-60 = 25) and reporter at the following equivalencies:

  • 13 cm:Cap has
  • 15 cm:B Cup
  • 17 cm:C Cup
  • 19 cm:D-Cup
  • 21 cm:E Cup
  • 23 cm:F Cup
  • 25 cm:G Cup

Another possibility: you refer to the table developed by most of the brands of lingerie, as for example that Triumph makes available to her clients, her bra size may slightly vary from one brand to the next.