How to Know the Sex of Baby

Most couples say they have no preference for the sex of the baby, but despite that, the anxiety of knowing sex is great, many parents wonder about when they will know if they are going to have a prince or a princess.

How to Know the Sex of Baby

Depending on the tests you can do to know the sex of the baby from two months of pregnancy, however, the normal thing is to know, certainly, around four months.

Tips for knowing the sex of the baby

In the routine echocardiography of gestation, by the 13th week when the echo is performed to measure nuchal translucency, the person who makes the echo can give a hint about the sex of the baby, more experienced people can dazzle sex, if it’s a boy.

But attention, the most certain thing is to wait for confirmation, many of these guesses are wrong.

Generally only from the second trimester, about the fourth month of pregnancy onwards, is it possible to confirm with all certainty the sex of the baby. The genitals are already formed.

For the more anxious parents, there is a blood test that detects the sex of the baby, with almost no margin of error (99% reliable), from the 8th week of pregnancy, this test detects the presence or not of cells with Y chromosome male) in the mother’s blood.

The problem of this test to know the sex of the baby is the price, can only be made by the individual and the price is around 100 euros.

For those who are expecting twins, this test only detects if any of the twins is a boy. Mothers who for some reason have to undergo amniocentesis also know the sex of the baby for sure.

For those who want to know even sex can resort to legends and medicines such as heart rate, Chinese table , parents ages and urine test, however these tests have 50% chance and hit and 50% hit.