How to Knit Teddy Bear

Isn’t that sweet? The winter knitted Teddy with warm scarf not only children forward. Promised!

That you need (size: CA. 28 cm)


Schachenmayr Merino extra fine 85, 100 g in 00205 camel, Schachenmayr Merino Extra fine 120, 00111 chocolate 50 g Needles Nr 5-6 for the Teddy, no. 3-4 for the scarf, polyester Fiberfill, embroidery needle, Crochet hook for tying up the fringes


Knitting tension:

With Merino extra fine 85 and pins No. 5-6 on stockinette: 16 STS x 23 laps = 10 x 10 cm

Here’s how:

Basic pattern:

Knit every round smooth right: right

Kraus: knit 1 round right and 1 round left in the change


Legs, torso and head are worked in rounds in one piece. Extra knit the arms. For a leg cast on 20 STS with double pointed needles, 5-6 and Merino extra fine 85, 2 cm Garter, then 8 cm knit stockinette, then stopping the stitches. Just knit the 2nd leg. In rounds for the body on the 40 STS knit legs is beginning in mid back. Attach a mark 10 cm for neck. Continue the knitting head and 3 rounds garter stitch knit from marking the last 2 stitches of the 1st and 3 needle and the first 2 stitches of the 2nd and 4th needle garter knit the remaining stitches on the face smooth right. 7 cm in this division over all STS 2 cm garter STS, cast off all STS. Arms: The 18 M and stockinette, knit 7 cm, cast off all STS work out: eyes and nose in chocolate with flat stitches, embroider mouth in handle bites on the face. Stuffed head, body and legs. So that the face is plastic, this area more with Fiberfill inferior. The upper seam of the head, while both sides the ears diagonally sew off. Sew the edges of the stroke of the legs. Small forward stitches around the neck, then slightly pull up the neck. Sew the Abkettränderder arms, then the arms to the body, sew and stuff. Sew the edges of the stroke.

Scarf: 11 with needles Nr 3-4 in Merino extra fine 120 in chocolate on stitches and 45 cm 1 St right, 1 slip stitch purlwise alternating. STS cast off the ends and attach small fringes. Learn more on this topic at the website of wholevehicles.