How to Keep an Automatic Backup of Your Photos From Facebook and Instagram

Have you ever stopped to think about how many photos would lose if the Facebook close down its activities today? Maybe not the photos from your album, because it was you who went, probably has a local copy. But what about the photos you’ve been tagueado?

I’m thinking about it. In Flickr, when there was not the people tagging feature, the solution was favoritar picture by picture where my face was in the hope that one day I take heart to download all images. To date this has not happened, but we follow believing one day I saved everything. (n)

It is going to work, but we do not do it anymore. Today you can download all the images from Facebook with one click. You can still set up a recipe on IFTTT for it to continue making automatic backup of all images as your friends are marking you. Continue reading I will explain how!

First step: downloading all your Facebook photos (yours and that you marked)

For this task we will use a service called Pick & Zip. This is a webapp that will scan your Facebook account and add all your images in a .zip file.

Second step: Keeping an automatic backup of the photos you’re tagged in

This is possible thanks to a magical and revolutionary service that you probably already know – If This Than That (IFTTT). Also you will need to create an account on Dropbox, which is where the IFTTT will save your photos.

Logou the two? I have made the recipe ready for you, just enter this link here and click Use Recipe. The IFTTT will request permission to access your account from Facebook and Dropbox (to monitor the pictures and save them), but you can trust that the service is very handy.

The tip I leave here is: keep active on Facebook the markings moderation feature. So you do not risk polluting your backup folder with flyers for parties and stuff.

Bonus: Automatic Backup Instagram and Flickr

Since we are hands-on, even, I will share with you two more backup recipes prepared here.

  1. Revenue to save all photos from Instagram in Dropbox: every time you publish a new picture on his Instagram, it will be saved in a folder on Dropbox.
  2. Revenue to save images you favorited on Flickr in your Dropbox: as I said, I used favoritar on Flickr all photos in which I appeared, so for that use this recipe is quite interesting. Unfortunately it only monitors Faved photos of the moment of activation on, so we still need to go to Flickr to download I’ve favoritei (or find a service that does it for me).

The only recipe that I owe here is to save the photos you mark on Instagram. This tagging feature was launched recently by the network photos, so is not yet available as Trigger in IFTTT.

They liked recipes? What other you use the IFTTT? Share with us there