How to Install and Use App in Your Smartwatch Clock

The smartwatches are Smart Watches, in literal translation, and these objects are gaining an increasingly loyal audience that is willing to meet all that new technology has to offer. It is true that the smartwatches still have much to improve, but still they have multiple applications and features that can be very useful to facilitate day to day. The idea of having some kind of mini cell phone on the wrist is charming and the success is almost guaranteed.

How to Install and Use App in Your Smartwatch Clock

Most people who think about having one of these wonders what are the advantages of an investment in this regard. Besides the possibility of starting a new trend in technology, Smart Watches have several tools very cool be explored, like the pairing with your smartphone, for example, so you wouldn’t have to take the phone out of your pocket to perform some task. With the internet, it is possible to have access to multiple applications installed on your phone, how WhatsApp, for example. And if you bought your smartwatch clock and don’t know yet how to get direct Messenger messages on the clock, don’t worry. In this article we will teach you step-by-step instructions to do this, simply and quickly.

Advantages of having a SmartWatch clock

According to jibin123, you need to understand what the concept of the smartwatch clock and what are the advantages of purchasing one. Obviously, the initial idea is to bring mobility and comfort. But, the concept of the smart clock goes beyond, involving productivity, help to keep commitments and Security, after all, he can pass quietly for a normal watch, only changing the wallpaper.

In terms of professional, a smartwatch clock can help, and to remind you of appointments with notifications every time the hand. For lovers of physical activity, the clock help with applications that include calories, distance and even play music without the need of having to take the phone to the practice. And, besides all this, it is now possible to have access to your Facebook notifications and Whatsapp without having to take the smarthphone, avoiding unnecessary risks in dangerous streets. The same goes for the links: you can meet and talk through the headset in a practical and safe. Losing important links was in the past.

What applications is already installed on the Smartwatch clock?

Some applications already comes installed on your digital watch. They are:

-Calls: All your incoming calls, lost and made are recorded in your smartwatch clock. Remember that it comes with room for SIM card, i.e. it can receive and make calls. To meet them, just tap the green button or red to reject them.

-Messages: SMS received, and drafts can also be found easily. It is also fully possible to enter urgent messages, but the text editor is not very big, so it can be a little difficult to keep a long conversation.

-Calendar: With the clock, it is possible to make appointments and receive notifications. Need to remember to enter a worksheet? The Smartwatch clock does it without having to keep your cell phone in hands. You can configure so that it vibrates or touch when the date arrives.

-Camera: The clock does not perform high resolution photos, but they can be quite useful in cases of emergencies, where there’s no time to get the cell phone in your pocket or simply you don’t or led. Also you can see the pictures that are on the memory card, since he has input to micro SD. This feature is great for storing music and photos.

And others like Gallery, music player connected to the memory card and voice recorder.

And how do I install and low Whatsapp on my smartwatch clock?

If you already have a watch like that and want to know how to install Whatsapp in it, don’t worry. We’re going to teach you how to download and how to install. Follow the instructions properly and have your favorite app literally next to your hands ever! Write it down!

Step 1- The first thing you should do is install on your smartphone an application that makes a connection between your watch and your mobile device. We have researched a lot and the most recommended is the MediaTeck SmartDevice. To download, click here.

This app will be responsible for the notifications you will receive in your smartwatch clock, including those of Whatsapp. Don’t worry, he is pretty light and will not compromise the performance of your device.

Step 2- After this procedure, simply open the application and click on notifications, as it appears in the image below:

Step 3 – At this point, you will see a list with all the possible applications are matched with your watch. See:

Step 4- Scroll to the end and look for WhatsApp. Click to leave it plugged in and ready! The Smartwatch clock will receive all notifications conversation and you can read them quickly and easily, without needing to be with the smartphone.

More utilities

The smart clock awakens a lot of curiosity from people, even more because it is relatively new and there are those who have never seen one up close. So, let’s have some more info about cool smartwatch clock and explain how it works in your entirety. Follow!

The information on your calls

The SmartWatch clock calls are like your cell phone on. To serve them just press the green button, or red to reject them. Some people let the clock paired to the smarthphone not to have to take it in the bag when he touches. But, you can also stop receiving notifications of calls by your clock. This feature may annoy some people who are on the clock and want to turn off the world, without need to stay without the SmartWatch clock your most basic tasks. The solution is simple: just enter your bluetooth settings and disable the option. It is also possible to disable the audio and voice, so you can listen to music through your headset without it to be reproduced on the clock. When you want to enable this option again, just repeat the procedure.

Other applications-notifications

Just like whatsapp, other applications can be matched, as facebook and snapchat. However, the notification will be shown, without it being possible to open the social network and view a video, for example. But, this option is excellent for emergencies or just to know that someone is trying to contact you without having to take the phone out of your pocket. It’s also great for those who do not want to lose the work, but still want to know if there is something important.

Can I respond to a Whatsapp message by the clock?

Yes. The smartwatch clock has an interesting setting for text, which makes it easy enough. However, for longer conversations, will be more complicated because it can be a little time consuming to type, as were the old cell phones, for example. Voice messages are easier and faster.

I need wifi to receive notifications?

You must have internet access to receive notifications, even if your phone is connected. Without the connection on their own clock, notifications will not appear.

The SmartWatch clock looks like a common clock?

This will depend a lot on each user. Watches with square design are more eye-catching and it’s easier to note that have screens. Already the round ones are more discreet. In General, you can configure the interface and change his style whenever you want. This is quite interesting and you get a new model every day! But, be careful! They can draw attention!

The smartwatch clock is light?

Yes. He weighs the same as a common clock. It is very light and very soon you will forget that you are with him. And whenever you need to look at the hours, he will turn on automatically, without much effort, but a wrist movement.

The battery lasts how long?

The answer to that question will depend on a lot of your use. However, he was meant to last two days if used only as a common clock and a whole day if often used applications. But, the good news is that it loads very quickly, in about 1 hour. It’s a chance to recharge it at work and come out with a full charge.

Is it worth it?

The smartwatch clock represents a huge change in the world of technology and no wonder has been a success. Their innovation enchants all who experience and it can be very practical in many ways, helping with the chores, reducing delays in appointments and even preventing that important call is lost.

The speculation is that in a short time its resources are further optimized and smart watches are increasingly present in the life of the world’s population. After all, they are very beautiful styles, lend an air of sophistication and are comfortable. Is the technology invading space of your life!