How to Hold a Closed Umbrella

Sometimes people write something and then he put appropriate title. Sometimes they write the title and then write something. And if I am sometimes so digress that I have to change the title because it turned out that he had received quite “another beer.”
In the case and I decided to be tempted by this sacred, the favorite number of women – 5. Let’s see if I can give and 5 adequate proposals for umbrellas. If you can – will help.

Basket – starting with a basket because I’m instance found an old, sturdy cart that instead of standing on the ceiling, now collects all umbrellas, gloves, hats and any such accessories – depending on the season. I think this is a very practical solution.
Trash – my second favorite for the big umbrellas with wooden handles – type canes. It some umbrellas (disposable) natural finish your day in street trash, but … here do not talk about them.
Vase – large metal or ceramic vase – does a perfect job of umbrellas with long handles. Only it is not an antique, if you do not hit the throat – then becomes worse.
Hanger – many people using hangers and umbrellas, but if they are cluttered with jackets, coats and whatnot and then until they find … its too late. Besides is too prosaic, I even wonder if it is worth it count?
Plastic bottles – here’s an idea, which is unusual. Cut throat and bottom of the bottle and tucked her umbrella type cane – remains to reflect on how to firmly secure the bottle wall.
If you keep a small, collapsible umbrella, then you will need to prune the bottle from both sides, but only one. If you have a lot of umbrellas, easily locate the desired color.
Here – just 5 for luck. No, not maybe more, but not rewind your imagination with creative solutions that can have accidents – somebody choked with laughter or pour your keyboard with water.
And you where you keep your umbrellas at home? I will not ask for the office, because there is a clear – open all day in the corridor back of the chair, rack or somewhere under the desk.