How To Get A Baby Bottle – Tips

By: camillebrion

Tips on what you can do to help bottle-feed your child

Do you have a small child and do not know how to take the bottle from him? The experts and other mothers give some tips on how to take the bottle and also the pacifier that are two objects very close and that parents have similar difficulties.

As for the bottle, the secret is to take the bottle as soon as possible of the child’s life, so does the pacifier. That’s because the more you postpone, the more your child will have dental problems related to frequent use of bottle and pacifier.

In the case of taking the bottle out of the child does not have an exact time that it is taken, they usually occur between a year and 6 months of the child or up to 2 years, but still have children who are earlier and can withdraw the bottle sooner still. It has mothers who, in addition to breastfeeding, supplement the baby’s feeding with the bottle, with complementary milk and this extends to a more advanced age as a way of complementing sometimes the absence of the mother who starts work and blames herself for not being able to give attention to the child, but in this way, wrongly feeding the child, who needs solid food. Parents should not replace the fetus with bottles or pacifiers, but rather perceive this behavior and provide adequate nutrition for the child.

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The bottle also has other maladies such as dental arch alteration and frequent cavities in the child. Therefore, more reasons to have to take the baby’s bottle as soon as possible. The secret according to pediatricians is that children in the age group (from one year and a half to two years) take three bottles a day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one night. The secret to taking the bottle according to the doctors is to gradually take one of the feedings. This withdrawal feed can be substituted for a snack, such as a vitamin with fruit and milk offered to the child with a mug, cup or straw. Little by little the bottle will be taken from your child, even without crying.

The tips alone do not make a miracle, but it will depend on your commitment and patience with your child and also on the child himself who may not feel how to feel the change.

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