How to Decorate the Table for Christmas: Tips and Suggestions

Find out what objects and colors to use in decorating your Christmas table and check out tips for not spending too much on decorations

How to Decorate the Table for Christmas: Tips and Suggestions

The approach of Christmas is a season surrounded by preparations: to buy gifts, to mount a tree, to decorate the house, to invite relatives for a visit.And to welcome your family to the Christmas Eve supper or for lunch on the 25th you can invest in a beautiful decoration on your table.

You do not have to invest much if you do not want to or you can not.With some decorative objects and a good dose of patience and whimsy it is possible to decorate your Christmas table with success.Here are some tips from ELAINEQHO.COM.

What decorations can I use at the Christmas table?

You can start decorating your table by the towels and napkins.Using these objects with Christmas motifs or colors will already make your table more special and appropriate for the holidays.

In addition, other options include:candles, bowls, centerpieces, American games, flower arrangements, Santa Claus table and a mini Christmas tree.But remember there are no restrictions and you can include other decorative Christmas objects on the supper table.

Here are some objects that you can buy over the internet to use in decorating the Christmas table:

What colors should I use in Christmas decoration?

In addition to the green and red, traditional Christmas colors, you can opt for purple, wine, blue, silver or gold.These colors combine with winter, the season of the year when Christmas is celebrated in countries in the northern hemisphere.Here in Brazil, it is celebrated during the summer, so you can adapt your decor with fresher colors that combine with the season.

Some color combinations are also suggested to use in decorating such as: green and white, blue and white, red and gold, purple and silver, and yellow and gold.Here are some Christmas tables decorated to inspire yours:

How to decorate the Christmas table without spending too much?

Write down the tips to save on Christmas decorating in your home:

  • Do it yourself:create some home decorating objects, such as a centerpiece arrangement;
  • Search the stores:check prices and options in stores and supermarkets, as they can vary greatly from one establishment to another;
  • Decorate with less:using a towel with Christmas motifs is enough for a Christmas table.To supplement invest in many fruits and beautiful aluminum casseroles or rechauds to serve dinner;
  • Do not buy new decorations every year: recycle and reuse objects from past celebrations so you do not have to spend more on buying new props.


One way to customize your Christmas dinner table is by making some home decorations.With materials you find in decor stores, decorations and varieties it is possible to assemble unique objects to decorate the table.Here are some tutorials to create your own Christmas ornaments:

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