How to Customize the Jeans


One of the leaders of classic clothing and versatile are the blue jeans: pants that come packaged with this special fabric that has marked the history of fashion. Just born to be used by workers and herdsmen, having regard to its extreme strength, with time has instead emerged as a widely used fabric both on top catwalks fashion. Almost everyone owns a pair of jeans in your wardrobe, so why not make them unique? Here’s how to customize the jeans.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • bleach
  • water
  • broad-headed brush
  • wind map

Customize the Jeans

One way to change an old pair of pants is to deal with it the fabric in such a way that they take a washed-out appearance. The preliminary thing to do is to cover the work surface with waterproof waxed paper, to avoid dirtying it or ruin it. Afterwards you can then apply the pants to be treated on the shelf protected by waxed; Meanwhile, in a container you must mix one part bleach and two parts of water (for example, to 100 ml of bleach will be needed 200 ml of water).

Using a brush rather wide, at least 5 or 6 cm, is the solution thus prepared: you dip the brush in must go on jeans bleach and water, and then must slide on the legs of the blue jeans, the belt just below the knee ; later on you have to turn the pants and repeat the same operation at the back, the back pockets above the knee. At this point, you have to let everything dry. In this way, the color of the jeans will be changed, becoming lighter and less homogenous. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can make a second pass of the bleach and water solution, until you get the desired effect. See jeans meanings.

The last step is to use sandpaper, the grit neither too thick nor too late: using the sandpaper as if you were cleaning a wall, you have to scratch your pants on the parts that were not treated with bleach and water, from the knee down, to make it more homogeneous their color. Even in this case, the operation can be repeated, or continued, until it has satisfied the obtained dyed. For last thing, it has to wash for good jeans, which at this point will have acquired a whole new look, with plenty of liquid soap, to remove the acrid smell of bleach. For this purpose, it may be indispensable even more of a wash.