How to Combine a Jacket

In the wardrobe of the modern girls is a necessary element jacket. This universal detail perfectly combined with very basic things. Question than to properly wear a jacket, most often arises from representatives of the beautiful half of prefer to buy a thing in your wardrobe, but it can be worn in addition to standard office trousers and skirts.

From Wearing Women’s Jacket?

Universal classic blazer neutral color and simple reduction will be beautifully combined with all jeans, pencil skirt and also with leggings or tight pants. In this season many designers offer an extraordinary combination of classic shorts. To this ensemble advised shorts direct reduction in restrained colors.

A combination of dresses and extended jacket will help you achieve romantic way. So, choosing a dress with a bright female jacket, it is worth remembering that the color should be calm and neutral.

Summer trend for several seasons is considered a white jacket. Combining it with bright things will create a sense of celebration and refresh weekdays working days. Picking a blouse and skirt in such a jacket remember that should not be used more than three colors when buying jackets.

The most successful and popular ensemble, considered a jeans and shirt. To look stylish way, here it is important to choose colors and style. Short jacket is suitable for a wide jeans and extended to be better combined with jeans-skinny.

Combination of pants and a jacket classics impart not only the severity of style, but very well underscore the figure. Harmonious combination of looks from the bottom of black and bright top. Picking the pants in women’s jacket, and you can stop your choice of nearby palette of colors. For example, practical brown jacket will be completely blend with black and bright pants.
Picking shoes under his jacket should give priority to high heels. They almost every ensemble not only lengthen the figure, but also allow you to create interesting and modern way.