How to Choose Sleeping Bag and a Mattress For Camping

Sleeping bag

How to Choose Sleeping Bag and a Mattress For Camping

The sleeping bag is an important piece of equipment especially in cold areas. Before choosing a sleeping bag, there is important information you need to know. Each sleeping bag has its own temperature rating. This rating is an average for all people. Then, it is possible that a person has heat in the same sleeping bag in which another person has cold. The temperature rating is based on the user is located in a tent, using a mattress down sleeping bag and the person is well fed and hydrated.

When a person is cold at home is always the best choosing a sleeping bag with a temperature rating five degrees below the temperature that anticipates.

The differences between sleeping bags

-Sleeping bag will be made with one of two isolates. The first is feathers and the second is synthetic insulation. Feathers is the best insulator because it usually weighs little, retains heat and keeps its properties of insulation for more than fifteen years. Also, the packed bags of feathers is smaller than the synthetic insulation. On the other hand, the bags of feathers are more difficult to dry when wet, are more expensive, and occasionally some people have allergies to dust from feathers.

The second type of insulation is of synthetic fiber. There are many types of synthetic isolates and each one has its own characteristics, but in general all do the same thing, which is to conserve their body heat. The advantages of synthetic fibers is that they are more expensive than the bags of feathers, they are easier to dry, and maintains its insulating properties for more than ten years. Among the disadvantages of this type of insulation are the durability of insulation for a not very long period, and that this isolate is not compact as well as feathers. Sleeping bag chosen by the majority of people camping near the car it is the synthetic fiber because the price is lower and it is easier to wash and dry.

The sleeping bag is manufactured in three figures, the rectangle, the semi-rectangulo and the Mummy.

The mummy is designed to retain the heat by the figure. Because there is less space in the bag is easier to warm up and so it is more efficient. Also, this type of sleeping bag weighs less than the rectangular and is best for backpacking. It is possible to combine two sacs mummies by closing by connecting two people, but on cold nights it is less efficient to conserve heat.

The rectangle is the most common sleeping bag for people camping by auto. These bags have plenty of room in and are good for wide people or people who prefer to have more space to move in the night. If you want, you can combine two sacks by the closure and create a larger bag for two people.

Partial or semi-rectangular rectangle is designed for people who prefer a sack with more space to move and at the same time need a sleeping bag that retains heat well. The backpackers or backpackers who don’t like Mummy bags usually choose this type.

Instructions for storing, wash and dry a sleeping bag

Sleeping – bags always keep a sleeping bag in a large bag to reduce damage to the insulation. If you save the sleeping bag very tight for a very long time, the insulation will be very flat and not catch the heat of his body.

When you want to wash your sleeping bag, you can put it in a washing machine. The best type of washing machine that can be used is that doesn’t have the agitator or post in the center of the washer. Generally, this type of washing machine is located in laundry and the washer door will be in the front. The reason why this machine is the best choice is because this washer spin less sleeping bag seams.


-Mattress is a very important part of the camping equipment because the person isolated from the cold ground. Also, it provides comfort of the Earth under the tent. These two benefits help the camper to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the next day’s adventures.

There are various types of mattresses, the closed cell foam, inflatable automatically, and others more than they need a pump to put air into the mattress. In general the closed cell foam is the lightest and the most economical. Mattresses of this kind serve for young children because the bodies are well adapted to a hard surface.

Automatically inflatable mattress comes in different sizes and is at the same time very comfortable. This is usually chosen by the backpackers and people camping near a car already what this mattress is a good blend of size and weight, and is very comfortable. Also, this type of mattress is the most expensive.

Finally, there is the inflatable mattress pump. This mattress is usually used by people who camp by car since it is very heavy for backpacking.