How to Choose Shoes for Tennis?

When you decide you want to do a race, whether professionally or just for leisure and well-being we have to take some important precautions.

The first important step is to seek medical advice, some tests required by this professional and make sure you are all ok to start the activities. If all is well and you are released is the second important step: choosing the ideal tennis.

The tennis to race can not be a tennis anyone, since an inappropriate shoes for this purpose can cause you serious problems such as sprains ankle, hip problems, back, knee, Achilles tendon injury etc. In addition to these problems there are many others that you can get only by a wrong choice.

Let’s do the correct way is safer, right? So now we need to know your foot type, it can be flat, hollow or normal, and also know the kind of stepped it can be pronated, neutral and supinated.

The foot type has a lot to do with the types of trodden, of course. The hollow foot is one that has very curved bow and stepped in this case tends to be more open, which is the supinated. If you often twist your foot out, you probably have trodden this and that kind of foot.

The flat foot is dig the opposite. He has almost no arc, plays almost the ground and tends to have a more closed trodden, which is pronated. It’s when you usually turn the foot inward toward the other foot.

The normal foot usually has a neutral trodden. This is the foot that usually has fewer problems and that the shoes are cheaper and easier to find.

As the main goal of tennis is trying to fix a fault that your foot or have trodden, it is important to know this information to go straight in the right shoes.

There are three important items in your shoes need to fit. To start it needs to be light, must have stability and good cushioning system. Look to buy it a little larger than your foot, for the atypical feet swell up, then you need more space.

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With these items, you’ll surely get a much lighter running and less stressful, and will not be with extra pain after the end of the activity.

To improve performance and reduce future pain is important that you, before starting the activity, make a good stretch and then run make to do.

A good running shoes costs around R$300 to R$800, the price is a bit high for sure, but certainly worth it, first by preventing potential problems that may occur with other types of shoes and second for its durability, often in time to make the purchase you choose the cheapest and ends repenting later due to its fragility.

Show means you start making a safe physical activity and no problems, now it’s your turn to put our guidance into practice. Remember to hydrate well and spend sunscreen whenever you run during the day outdoors.