How to Choose a Good Laptop Backpack

Buying a bag for your laptop or notebook if you prefer English, apparently seems secondary to the computer itself. But once you understand the delicacy of your gem computer scientist, you will realize how the choice of bag that best suits your needs become a priority!

Characteristics of a Good Laptop Bag and Laptop

Because a laptop is beyond that aesthetically pleasing, functional purpose, its technical characteristics must have special qualities.

  • First the computer compartment must be perfectly suited or adaptable to portable size possessed, as if the compartment is too small the notebook obviously cannot enter it, while if the compartment is larger than the size of the computer, this might be damaged during transportation, slamming from side to side. Sure that the compartment is not too “right”: if in fact the computer will enter only if forced, could damage internally because crushed right from the case which should protect him; the first element to be affected by this defect is the screen, the most delicate part of the laptop, which externally pressed too over computer keys.
  • Secondly, we must pay close attention to material characteristics:
    • internally they are scratch-resistant and soft enough not to create internal shocks to the laptop, but hard enough to avoid damage from external impact
    • laptop compartment must be durable and thick padding
    • externally the backpack must be tear resistant and waterproof (
  • Then you should pay attention to the effectiveness of closures, especially laptop compartment, as well as any additional pockets: the most comfortable and safest are zip closures.

Bellows, buttons and velcro closures are less resistant, easily opened even unconsciously and therefore dangerous to the contents of the bag.

  • Handles, shoulder straps, shoulder bags, handbags or wheeled transport system of the trolley must be ergonomic and pleasant and comfortable to the touch materials: the socket must be secure and the skin of the hands must have good contact with them;In addition it must be possible to backpack straps shoulder strap is adjustable depending on the desired height and weight distribution on the back.
  • The system is equipped with wheels in the trolley, must absolutely be durable and the wheels should slide easily and the entire suitcase must remain stable during transport: you should always try to drag the trolley for a few meters before you buy it, as long as the shopkeeper agrees, to test its stability.
  • The backrest of the backpacks must be ergonomic, the degree of rigidity that take the shape of the back without forcing it.
  • Finally if we choose bags with accessories and spare pouches must be adapted to our needs, resistant and with forms adapted to the future content.

Characteristic of a Good Notebook Sleeve

As regards the cases however, the main feature of these must be the perfect adherence to the laptop, otherwise they risk not being helpful at all.

The purpose of cases in fact is to protect the notebook especially against scratches and possibly also from small bumps. The materials of the cases should be resistant to scratches and soft enough to absorb impact; for this the material best suited to this type of protection is neoprene. Even the cases may be equipped with handle for carrying by hand.

Which bag for laptop purchase

We saw that the bags for laptops are the most varied, by type and characteristics. The question then arises spontaneously: what type of bag to buy? Which one to choose?

To answer, we need to think about what are our main needs.

If we need a design classic or elegant, with the presence of extra pockets for moving documents, and easy to carry for little walking involved, the choice will fall on 24-hour style bags with handle and shoulder strap, looking very polished and professional, adaptable to any type of clothing.

If the laptop we need often and travel by public transport and on foot, the ideal are backpacks: the weight is distributed evenly across your back and not get so to struggle too much or to create permanent damage to his back; also if we are types that are sporty, the backpack will adapt well to our aesthetic taste. There are backpacks with only compartment for PC and those with additional pockets: think about it if we also carry other items in addition to your laptop.

If we sometimes even the most similar to the first case presented, while on other occasions we needs more like the latter, then the optimal solution are combined: 24 hours-style bags or backpacks depending on the transformation of which we can equip, hiding or showing strap and braces, are perfectly suited to any type of situation. The short-hand carrying handle.

When traveling so much by train or plane, and even when you have back problems, carrying the handset will be made very simply and conveniently from the trolley.

If we expect also travels with a strong risk of impact, you should choose air cushion bags, like the Targus.

Finally, if we take the laptop by hand because we cover only sometimes short distances with your computer, the cases with handle make for us. The enclosures, even without handle, can be useful to further protect your laptop inside the bag, especially if there are other pockets, beside the notebook compartment, so as to avoid any scratches and bumps Interior between laptop and accessories.

To choose accessories to be purchased together or included with the bag, think about what are the items that we carry with us usually: cables, external devices, batteries, pens, papers, books, etc.

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