How To Care For Nails?

We all remember having daily care with our hair and skin. But we always lack care in our routine with a part that we find extremely important for the female beauty:the nails. Or will you tell me that you separate 10 minutes of your day (or even less) to take proper care of them?

Today, the nails have a great importance in the branch of fashion. Colors, shapes and lengths are always being discussed and being shown in soap operas, magazines and editorials. And there are tips to leave your – yes, your nails, believe me – worthy of Fashion Week. So how to take care of nails?


Moisturizing creams help improve the appearance of your nail and make it healthier. But not only that: hydration comes from within as well. So drink plenty of water, as well as helping your body function, it will moisturize your skin, hair and nails even more.

The Feeding

Since nail care comes from the inside out, feeding interferes too much when it comes to taking care of them. So a balanced diet, rich in proteins and foods with vitamin A. Gelatin can also be included in the list because it contains collagen, which has amino acids necessary for the revitalization of your nail.


The ideal is not to take the cuticle completely: it is who protects your body. Without it, we would have a gateway to dirt and bacteria and, just like me, I’m sure you do not want to. So to facilitate at the time of enameling, we can take that excess that becomes very apparent. No problems and with the beautiful enamel.

To Nail Nails No Longer!

When we put our hand in our mouth, we leave it in contact with our saliva – which, incidentally, is acidic. And the more the nail is in contact with moisture, the weaker it tends to get. And if the intention is to let it grow, weak nails are definitely not for you. But how to get rid of this habit? Paint your nails! I bet you’re going to have to screw something so cute.

Changing Color

When removing the previous color, always prefer removers than acetone. Acetone is a very strong solvent, which can cause dryness of the nails and even yellowing the nails, while the remover is more gentle with your nail and your skin. Take out the nail polish at least a day before doing the nail again, to give it a rest.

Your nails deserve the world’s attention!