How to be Plus Size and Hot

The plus-size model proclaim it from the rooftops, it can be sexy and round! Not always clear yet how to do it and most importantly, how not to fall into the bad taste and vulgarity. Today we give you the keys to a sexy outfit flawless for your curves do capsize hearts.

Sexy Plus Size Women

Sexy and Plump: Identify Strengths and Highlight

How to imagine showcase without knowing its strengths? It is of course impossible. Being sexy and round, this is what gives it its charm, know their strengths but also its “imperfections”. Because make no mistake, we have all our qualities but also our shortcomings.

Thus, those who have a generous bust seek to develop while those pretty well full hips will focus on. Large legs, buttocks, the marked size, nice shoulders , that’s the kind of things we willingly deem “assets” on which to build.

Conversely, one should avoid focusing on a plump belly, chubby legs with cellulite, a little flabby arms or saddlebags . Unless of course you find it cute and even sexy, which is absolutely not forbidden!

Finally, remember that your attitude, your confidence, your smile, your hair and even your perfume can make you just as sexy as your clothes.

Find the Right Balance

Once identified your strengths, you have to find or develop the perfect outfit for the highlight.But beware, when one is round and that therefore has generous curves, have to be very vigilant and take care not to overdo it on pain of falling into vulgarity. Sometimes trying too hard to dare, we made too and bang, it’s bad taste!

For example, avoid wearing both tight clothes , short, and with a plunging neckline. The sexy outfit, it’s a bit like cooking, you have to find the right dosage. So, know that it is not obliged to make tons to be sexy and round. Not too much need. Sometimes it is even the most simple outfits that are more sexy! Yes Yes.

The Outfits for Large Size!

# 1-The Little Black Dress

The little black dress with plus size bottoms i.e. xxl pants if well chosen can turn you into a wink super sexy bomb! Even with rather large, it can choose to wear slinky with the sheathing underwear for more serenity.But beware, as we have said before, if your dress is skin-tight and low-cut at a time, choose it with enough length to avoid losing elegance.

# 2 The Trench Coat and Heels

Another classic of sexy woman and round: the trench coat worn with heels. Again, it remains on an elegant but devilishly sexy outfit. And with rather large, that’s exactly what you want.Whether we choose black or beige, it bears his trench coat size with the collar turned up for even more speed. Hand pumps, do not be afraid to think big with heels, even very high.

 # 3-The Red Dress

It is one of the sexiest outfits that may exist, it is of course the red dress. With a well-chosen cut, and color for your skin tone, you might turn heads! Adopt eyes closed, especially for an evening.