How to Attach Contacts Duplicates with The New Version of Google Contacts

Google seems to be occupied all the time but we have no news of them. When you’re not buying companies, doing research of the most varied, and when it is not, looking to improve your applications and services for us, suffered users, can enjoy this.

One of the applications I needed improvement is Google contacts, which was lack of organization and a small facelift came him well. In Mountain View have put hands to work and, at least for the web version, changed the visual aspect and made much easier to avoid the annoying duplicate contacts.

A small facelift that comes pretty well

Although it is only a preview, we can already see on the website of Google contacts aesthetic change given that, moreover, facilitate us use. This “updating” of the web of contacts from Google possibly We will sound pretty aesthetics that have some of the applications of the big G on our smartphones.

We can see that, if we consult our list of contacts, can be scroll instead of having to go through page, which will speed up navigation. Also look at the arrival of cards, thus giving the feeling that the space on our computer screen is best used.

In addition, these cards display all data you’ve entered manually into each contact, as well as the different interactions that you’ve had with it, calls, e-mails or events. What is not as well spent as before are columns of contacts, where it disappears that earlier showed the different groups that you had.

The interface, in short, has been with a cleaner visual appearance, with the better organized and located options. But maybe that cleaning does some things that can be useful to have handy to us have been lost.

Get rid of easily duplicate contacts

One of the most annoying and mysterious of our contact list is displayed when the same two or more times. On our smartphones we always try to join them or delete those that are repeated, but in addition to spend more time than we want to, doesn’t always work.

To get rid of that nightmare, on the website of Google contacts, simply select ‘Duplicate’ in the left column and you will see all those contacts that you have, at least, twice repeated. You can select those cards that are duplicate contacts, by clicking on ‘Combinar’ and ready, so simple.

Then you can click on ‘View’ and check that, effectively, the information that there were two cards now is United in only one of them. Are you that tend to have many duplicate contacts or have never lived that nightmare?