How Do I Style A Leather Skirt Casual?Or It Remains Green!

Green has started and green continues… very funny. Even though this color has plagued me at the beginning of the week… pahhhh… forgotten.

Somehow I’ve found pleasure in the GREEN and a green element was actually there all week… and if it were only the fingernails.

How Do I Style A Leather Skirt Casually? Or It Remains Green!

It started with green and it’s with green… very funny. Although this color was posing problems for me at the beginning of the week… pahhhhhh… forgotten. Somehow I’ve found a liking for it and I had green or a green element the whole week… Even if only it was just green finger nails.

Shoes Sneaker

As promised, I’ve combined the leather skirt a bit less chic and et voilà-today he’s there, the casual Friday. For me it is a rather unusual combination, because I do not really like to combine skirts with sneakers. I think it is not for me, because for such a look you need ellenlange legs-but that does not stop me from doing it differently today. It’s just not always time for high-heeled shoes-sometimes it’s important to me to be fast or I know I’m on cobblestones and do not want to ruin my heels…

Shoes Sneakers

As I promised this time I would like to try something different. It is for me an unusual combination because I do not really like to combine skirts and sneakers. I think it does not matter to me. I think it’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s a good thing, but it’s not a good thing.

Sporty=Crossbody Bag

So it is here today athletic too, and my steinal cross body bag from Fila fits. In this bag I have already two times a new zipper pull, which makes them much more valuable. Is quite expensive so a new zipper. And although the bag is not used so often, I do not want to give it because it is just perfect for some occasions. So and now but quickly through the Friday and off to the weekend, do not let stress-dear greetings-Conny

Sporty=Cross-Body Bag

So we have a sporty look today and my really old crossbody bag from Fila is suitable. A new zipper is really very expensive. And even though I do not use it. Ok and now get through Friday quickly and into the weekend. No stress-best wishes Conny.