Here’s How GIFs Post on Facebook – or Nearly So

Our dream – is not only mine, right? – Could share GIFs on Facebook and see them moving it is a little closer to becoming a reality thanks to the site Giphy, which is like a huge bank of GIFs for any occasion. They have developed a tool that allows the animations appear on FB.

However, what you will share are not the proper GIFs, Flash animations but the chosen scene. But the result is exactly the same, with the difference that you can not save the image on your computer.

Furthermore, the only GIFs which can be shared on FB are those that exist in Giphy. But it should be more than enough, as even some recent well – like Miley Cyrus twerking VMA(which happened on Sunday) – are available.

To facilitate your search, it can be done right on the page reaction GIFs, separating them by “emotion”, or by a keyword.

Let’s get to it: to share GIF on Facebook, just click on the share link social network in the chosen image…

… And confirm in the window that opens. The format will be published the links or videos on FB – ie, with a small and a link image – because, as stated earlier, is actually a Flash animation. By clicking on it, the “GIF” is loaded and functions normally.

Do you already have Facebook engineers working to cut our budget?