Hat: Combine the Accessory with Look of Rock in Rio!

If you have an attachment that is able to transform any production is the hat. He can leave a basic look a lot more interesting, give the visual romantic girls hump, helping to disguise the days of ‘ bad hair day ‘, incrementing hairstyles simple and best of all: protect your hair with a lot of style. Want ideas on how to bet on the adorner to go to Rock in Rio? Check out the selection that Keep Diva made for you!

Panama is the ‘ little black dress ‘ of hats

You know a simple hat that looks good with any look. The name of this outfit is Panama. It is usually made of straw, has with medians, tabs usually have bright colours and finishing of a dark tape involving the hat.

Panama is perfect to accompany excursions during the day, especially if you combine it with fresh and light clothes such as dresses and skirts. But also falls very well with jeans and a t-shirt, if you want to bet on a visual stripped. The coolest thing is that it can also increase hairstyles like Cornrows or side-ponytails.

Fedora, the joker full of sophistication

With reference to the 40, the fedora object model is very similar to Panama, the difference is that the second is made of felt. Despite the male appearance, he is a great Joker and combines with all styles, ensuring a certain air of sophistication. Combine the hat with pants and long skirts and blast festival! But if you prefer to leave the look fresher, bet on a delicate dress.

Floppy is the favorite outfit of fashion bloggers

The model that won once the Brazilian women is the floppy, which has long and flexible tabs and became card stamped in the looks of famous music festivals like Thaila Ayala and Alessandra Ambrosio. He is already the favourite of many famous and bloggers, have an air of diva that we love!

Caps come into play to make the youthful look!

With the sport chic in high, jackets, sweatshirts and sports shoes guaranteed seats in the female wardrobe. But, beyond these parts, an accessory with male reference and sport made the head of women recently: the CAP.

That story of that hat is a boy thing was in the past and now the accessory comes in to make the visuals stripped and full of style. As the Rock in Rio is a relaxed, vale mix prop with leggings, skirts and overalls, as the singer Rihanna does in your apparitions.

For those who do not want the visual of a common CAP, you can search the leather or with studs or superestampados. The preferred model for anyone who wants to bet in this style are the straight brim, inspired by American rappers.