Halo Merger, Headphones Jabra Which Is Versatile

Jabra, specialist of the headphones, the portable speaker and Bluetooth headset made the observation that one often used a different headset to answer his calls and to enjoy his favorite music in good conditions. Where the idea of a headset that combines the best of both worlds, materialized by the Jabra Halo merger idea.

Round Neck And Wireless Headphones

Visually, the Jabra Halo Fusion adopts a design round neck very in tune with the times. Very light, weighs 21 grams small. It is positioned so the neck (better, for neck!) and integrated to the ear. It is a Bluetooth wireless headset and the manufacturer announced independence from 6:30 in reading/conversation and up to 19 days of standby for a charging time of 2 hours. The charging is done via its micro-USB port, the appropriate cable is of course provided. It offers Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 and an NFC chip for a pairing with a compatible smartphone touch. It manages up to 8 Bluetoothdevices, including 2 at the same time, thanks to the exclusive technology Multiuse.

A Versatile Headset…

The Jabra Halo Fusion allows communication without leaving its smartphone from his pocket or purse. It also offers the possibility to hang up, to reject a call, last call, navigate through the music stored on your smartphone, to market/pause your music or even to vary the volume. The user is guided by voice instructions for pairing, connection and battery level. The audio, particularly neat part according to the manufacturer, goes through transducers of 9 mm supposed to offer, quote, a powerful stereo sound. The sustainable success of the famous Jabra Solemate is there to remind that the manufacturer knows what good sound means.

It’s Solid!

Jabra is committed to test the strength of its products. The Jabra Halo Fusion is no exception to the rule. He underwent such tests falls 1.50 m in height, of dust resistance to torsion (5000 times), moisture, heat, etc. The Jabra Halo Fusion comes with two pairs of additional tips, USB/micro USB charge cable, a small carrying pouch and its quick start guide. The recommended price is €69.99.