Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 Color Off-Charged Campaign

By: camillebrion

It must be recognized that Gucci campaigns, especially the spring-summer seasons, are a few advertising campaigns in which you try to enter the consumer through the senses and actually succeed. If there is a strong point of Gucci and once more repeated his collection Spring-summer 2011, It is the use of color in all its variants for designs. From pants, passing through its iconic moccasins to jackets or the blasiers. They all want to make it clear to the imprint of the importance given to chromatic and play with it to cause different sensations.

On this basis, just need to know which will be the colors of the season, or at least Gucci which has chosen in his spring-summer 2011 collection. And the result is clear in the case of men: Red (although not be appreciated in the promotional campaign) and the earthy colors, especially in pants and accessories.

Cream tones, ivory white and earthy colors in general, make the male wardrobe of Gucci in a set-safari quite curious trend that furthermore announced that it would be fairly reflected in collections and that in view of the Milan fashion week that has already begun, you will see how many of the large firm to suit this new and widespread trends.

Is why they few prints that are (some are more abundant in the female wardrobe) and braided designs much of accessories, try to somehow recreate the most native and tribal designs effect which results in the campaign in a latent heat in all models and designs. A collection that we will no doubt contribute elements worthy of comment later.

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