Grandvision by Fototica Presents the Summer Olympics

Always attentive to fashion and lifestyle trends, GrandVision By Fototica, one of the largest optical networks in the country and part of the largest optical retail group in the world, announces the arrival of the 2017 Summer collection of the Ray-Ban brand. The extensive range of glasses follows the spirit of the #ITTAKESCOURAGE brand campaign, inspired by enthusiasm and positivity, coupled with a nonconformist attitude to follow standards and yet reveals two striking novelties: Chromance lens technology and the arrival of Signet models.

Grandvision by Fototica Presents the Summer Olympics

To reinforce its unmistakable DNA, the brand reshapes the color of its lenses, using innovative Chromance technology that  delivers clearer vision and a new range of high-contrast pigments, high-quality polarized, hydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments. All this improves and enhances the perception of the colors and the brightness of the glasses. The launch also explores the concepts of format and functionality, translated into metallic profiles, double bridges and clip-on sunglasses or eyewear.

Another trademark of this collection is the presentation of repaginated classics, such as the Signet model  . Rebel rock’n’roll style symbol, the model already known in prescription frames, arrives at the windows in the version of fashion sunglasses, with metallic bridge, including fine metals such as titanium superleve, aluminum and steel, as well as provocative tones. The retro bet promises to be the must-have of the season.

Check out below other sunglasses options that will be successful this summer:

Ray-Ban Signet  3429M: Features fine metal profiles, combined with B-15 and G-15 lenses, as well as modern mirror, flash and gradient shades. Available in sizes 55 and 58.

Ray-Ban RB2448N – 901:  Lightweight nylon fiber rims in shades of light, redesigned along with rounded and modern lines.

Ray-Ban RB3025 – 9020C4:  Features thin metallic profiles and mirrored rainbow crystal lenses.

Ray-Ban RB3545 – 900813: In unisex version, it has modern contrasts, intellectual details in metal and different lenses.

Ray-Ban RB3546 – 90109U: It arrives with minimalist and superleve design, an extremely thin double bridge and luminous metallic shades.

About Grandvision

GrandVision by Fototica, part of the largest optical retail network in the world, the Dutch group GrandVision, is dedicated to the sale of full glasses – frame with lenses -, sunglasses and contact lenses. It has more than 100 stores, among franchises and own stores, in seven Brazilian states: São Paulo, Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe, Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and Alagoas.He works with exclusive brands sold in 44 countries where he operates, such as Solaris, Unofficial and Heritage, and other national and international brands such as Ray-Ban, Carrera, Gucci, Prada, Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Dior. Chaired by Alvaro Vieira, it employs about 900 people in Brazil.