Google Search Will Get “Wallpaper”

Customization. This is the word of time at Google, which is rethinking its own design for some time. The company has launched a new layout for the search service, which is available to all Internet users. On Wednesday, the company took another step towards absolute control user on your quest: to implement custom backgrounds on the home page of the site.

Are wallpapers, how I abusadamente am calling the new feature. Just take a look:

To change the background of the Google homepage, simply send the image to the service. If no photo is a pleasing you, you will still be able to choose a gift in specific photo image galleries for this purpose which will be stored in Picasa.

The novelty for now will only be released to Google users in the United States in the coming days. But, as usual, soon the whole world Internet users may place their beautiful little faces in the home of Google. And do not despair: remove the photo is very easy, since there is a removal link at the bottom left of the page.

This new feature Google changes a bit the presentation of the site. As you can not predict what images users will send (if too light or too dark, for example), the team of designers browser used and abused shaded. Thus, the texts and images will not be incomprehensible, even with the use of cruder images.

[Updated at 18:05] See below for an example of customization of the Google home page, with a design created by Jeff Koons and photography Sandy Volz.