Google Revolutionizes Gmail Layout with Added Selfies

The Gmail has just presented a novelty that will surely please many Internet users around the world. Remember the selfie chosen word of the year? Also immortalized in host Ellen Degeneres poster during the Oscars? Since then, the company engennheiros realized that selfie arouses much interest from users who deserved to be part of the native webmail interface. The result you can see in the image below.

Behind the new feature is Shareable selfie technology – or Gmail Shelfie, the nickname given by Google. The explanation is as follows: everyone makes selfies, but then it is difficult to put on the Gmail background. More difficult is to share that incredible photographic record with friends.

So from now on, Gmail Shelfie is available to users around the globe. “With just a few clicks, your mother, your aunt, or that special girl can use your selfie theme Gmail. Then, they can view, read and write emails while enjoying your Shelfie in the background. “Say it is not a great idea!

Gmail started to gain Shelfie on Monday (31), but the real intention of Google is that the resource is truly available to users on Tuesday (April 1).

Since it is open season from Gmail selfies, come on… Monte that Gmail nice Shelfie and share in the comments of the post. Let’s see what human ingenuity can.

This article is part of the celebrations of the First of April, April Fool’s Day! Hihihi.