Google Patented Method of Showing Ads Based on the Sound of a Connection

Some time ago I joked that Google had so much interest in showing personalized ads that would not be surprised if he heard our calls and, among them, let loose an audio advertising (the The Onion showed how it would be). In a classic moment of life imitating fiction, a new patent Google published on Tuesday (20) promises to do something like: custom display ads according to the background noise on a call.

The title of the patent is literally that, “advertising based on environmental conditions.”It describes a system that hears the background noise on a call and, according to this environment, shows ads on your computer screen, the mobile phone or any other screen that is connected to a Google account.

A good example of how this can be used is given by The Next Web: this system could hear a rain noise connection to the background and automatically show ads for umbrellas on the phone, after the call is terminated. And the patent also covers another system that shows ads based on photos or videos captured by cell phone.

It sounds pretty strange to have Google listening to their conversations and seeing your photos to display ads, but like any technology that is patent stage there is no way to predict what type of use that can be done in the future. Will that it is genuinely useful?

We can only speculate. And fear for the rest of privacy we still have.