Google Music Can be Free with Ads

The rumors about the next release of Google in the branch music, a way to listen to songs online, are getting stronger. The turn refers to a possible new business model for the project. In short, Google Music would be free to the user, but maintained with ads also audio. Remember something?

Record companies already have said to the Google command a music on-demand service, where the user chooses exactly what song is playing and when it will be performed, is out of the question. For this, it would be necessary to charge for performing the songs in a kind of Google Music paid.

Because Google is often in favor of things given for free (!), Would be carrying streaming music with audio ads. Apparently, the company has to plan how these will be advertising inserts 10, 15 or 30 seconds.

In other words, Google wants to mount a radio. The difference is that it would also be available to users of the Google platform Chrome and Google Chrome browser, through an extension or something like that.

The YouTube could still be used as a way to deliver music to interested so.