Google Messenger Is Now Android Messages Because There Are Too Many Messengers on Android

By: camillebrion

If you’re going to Play Google’s Google Messenger tab you will find a change. His name is now Android Messages or messages from Android, In Spanish. And except for some bug fixes, that is the only change in this update.

The new name comes to take a little more than firewood to the fire of the confusion Google Messaging applications ecosystem. In case it cost you to remember which applications were and what they served, now the names also change.

Too many Messengers

The truth is that the name change seems in this successful case. The new name is something boring, Yes, but at least It manages to be different than other “Messenger” out there are also competition.

In the past, “the Messenger” was a synonym for the messaging application MSN Messenger, later renamed to Windows Live Messenger and later destroyed in favour of Skype. Since then, other “Messenger” has managed to stay with the leading role: Facebook Messenger. So much so that until Microsoft gave you the Twitter account @messenger to Facebook.

Do they end the “Messenger” here? Lol Although WhatsApp is for many the WhatsApp, their name and full surname are WhatsApp Messenger. And let us not forget either of (Google +) Messenger, the chat application from Google + which, although it came pre-installed on Android, more than one did it open.

Against this background, the only thing clear to us is that messengers are not missing in Android. Messages of Android seems a successful change and that in addition replaces Google with Android.

How are Google applications

Probably at this point they’re confused about what Google Messaging application is for what. Do not blame you, and to help you here you have a brief summary of all related applications which has Google:

  • Google Duo: application of simple videoconference from Google that you can not send messages, just call.
  • Google Allo: the latest messaging application from Google, linked to your phone number and with smart features powered by the Google Wizard.
  • Hangouts: Classic multi-platform messaging and synchronization in the cloud, re-focused trying more to the professional public (in theory).
  • Android messages: Classic messaging SMS and RCS in the supported operators.

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