Google Keyboard 5.0 Is Renewed: Hand Mode, New Gestures, Swype More Precisely and More News

If you don’t want to wait for the roll-out of update you can download the APK for manual installation at THIS address.

An avalanche of news for the official Google Keyboard, which over the past few hours has been upgraded to version 5.0. A real major update, which affected virtually every element of this keyboard, starting at theuser interface, new gestures, modifications to the layout, the newhand mode and the writing system, swype predictive and more precise than before.

Version ChangeLog:

  • Option to show key border, no more holo themes
  • One-handed mode
  • Long-press for hinted symbols can be toggled
  • Adjustable keyboard height settings
  • New first-run experience
  • Opt-in and a setting for sharing snippets with Google to improve the keyboard for everyone
  • Long-press and drag to remove suggestions from suggestion bar
  • Gesture Typing:
    • Dynamic floating preview removed (preview in suggestion bar now)
    • Delete whole words by sliding left from delete key
    • Gesture control by sliding cursor left/right on space bar
  • Faster access to numpad and emoji

Starting with the theme the keyboard and layout, both they got a few tweaks important , as the new key buttons at the borders redrawn in light or dark subject material, or the ability to change the height of the keyboard in settings.

The new mode for a hand is reachable with a long press on the button of the decimal point, with a chance to return to full screen mode, through another dedicated button. Added a new button for quick access to the keypad and the emoji, both placed to either side of the space bar.

Moving on to news specifically about typing, you’ll notice right away a swype predictive system more accurate, has improved remarkably, and in general the haptic feedback is much more pleasant and responsive. Also introduced the ability to edit, delete buttons in a single gesture suggested words and to top it off, the cursor is manageable through some new gestures in addition to implementing Unicode character 9.

Google Keyboard 5.0 is already available through, through upgrading.