Google Buys LauchKit, So Are The Tools That Tea Will Help Promote Your Applications

By: camillebrion

Google leaves again shopping to get more tools for developers in order to offer the largest facilities to launch mobile applications a cinch.

On this occasion they have acquired to LauchKit, a small company that has several applications focused on the launch, promotion and and follow-up of applications developers. Now those applications will be part of the tools of Google Developers. These are the tools:

screenshot Builder

screenshot Builder It is a tool that lets you easily create promotional images of your application to be published in the App Store and Google Play.

App Website Builder

App Website Builder It is a tool that makes it quick and easy to create and host an official web site to promote your application.

Review Monitor

Review Monitor It is a free service that checks the opinions of the App Store and alerts you via email and Slack.

Sales Reporter

Sales Reporter It is a tool to keep track of the daily total downloads and sales summaries and alerts you every day through Slack and email.

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