Google Begins to Integrate Gmail with Google+

First the Google shoved down our throats Google+ features in Reader. Since yesterday we are, happy users of Gmail, we are uncomfortable with something that is not part of service email. They put the circles of social network in the sidebar of webmail as away to more quickly access the messages exchanged with members of the social circles created by ourselves. The Google announced the arrival of appeal yesterday.

Gmail pulls exactly the same list of this circles on Google+. By clicking on the options, uncomfortably positioned before my tags in email service, I can see the most recent message exchanges with people attending Google+ contacts groups.

According to the company, the information is better organized. If the circles are well built, you can even have a certain logic in time to get messages.

You can even show the circles in the message list, as currently happens with the tags – optional, thankfully.

At least one thing was good in this story all. Images sent as an attachment won plus one share, and view or download. With one click the user sends the image to Google+, choosing the circles should appear and the comment they find most relevant. Perfect for when we receive engraçadinhas photos of cuddly kittens and have the immediate desire to show them to the world.

Another use of integration: the friends’ contact information in Google+ will be automatically updated in Gmail as these people change phone or address. Much more convenient than having to send an email asking what the new phone number or what address to send this beautiful Christmas card.