Go Vintage! Know Where to Dig

I love pieces with retro perfume. I think a charm patterns, finishes and modeling of other times. In addition to being unique and, so superexclusivas. Only you have! For some time I have watched the productions of Paula Martins, which controls the Look of the day alongside Chris Francini and my eye always goes straight in his pieces mined thrift stores around the world. How much good taste! because it is necessary to have certain luggage sets to know pan, right? I know that some items will escape to the list by the momentum, keep an eye on trends and go with a notebook with parts-desire.

I asked Paula who told me a little about your favorite thrift stores. Check it out:

This bought in WHAT CAMS AROUND GOES AROUND, thrift store famous on West Broadway that also have male parts. I loved the pattern (vintage) and modeling of this dress. This thrift store you can find very expensive parts, of renowned brands, but also has good deals if you search. The necklace is pure desire of AMARCORD VINTAGE FASHION a thrift store in Soho with parts but also sophisticated. The glasses is also vintage-Chloé – this bought in Paris in the DIDIER LUDOT -bacanérimo!

Maybe that’s the piece of thrift store that I like. This Panther bought in a shop in London’s fantastic bijoux Vintage. The store has a selection since the color-separated and 20 years that have been made. I was there about 2 hours (Chris and I drooling) wanting to buy everything. The look is not more Vintage bijoux Yes, she’s very lucky me according to vintagematters!

This dress is of a thrift store in Soho New York called AMARCORD VINTAGE FASHION. What’s great about this place is that the pieces are divided by color, and in great condition. This dress caught my attention that recently saw the show and I was at the store of Marc Jacobs and this shade of pink can be combined in many ways to a contemporary look. In this photo I chose black accessories. The belt is also from the same place. Not to be missed!

In Chelsea, the goodwill FAMILY JEWELS, is very famous, but you have to have a more refined look to buy parts there. The store is all mixture is has good quality pieces with story, but others that don’t mean anything. I usually always go by that has a tremendous amount of clothes and some options with most affordable prices. If you spend time in the city, go more than once, they get clothes every week. There you can also negotiate price, the owner is always in store! This skirt fell in love as soon as I saw. She has an ethnic style that I wanted to use, but had not yet found anything that I liked in traditional stores. The glow was a “plus”, which I loved!

Loved too? I got the addresses for the next trip! Thank You, Paula.