Gerry Weber – Large Sizes In The Sale By Samoon

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Mature Women Offers The Exclusive Samoon Fashion From The House Of Gerry Weber Up To Size 54 Refined Shapes And Designs At A High Level.

Here the business woman is correct, which style the right guy for the job needs. Blazers, blouses, tailored pants and shirts in beautiful, mostly muted colors.

The exclusive fashion Samoon from the house of Gerry Weber offers mature women up to size 54 reflect shapes and designs at a high level. Here the business women find the right style for her job. Blazers, blouses, classic-cut trousers and shirts in beautiful, mostly muted colors.

The prices are not just the bargain, we get this fine fabrics, as well as a comfortable wearing comfort. The shop is open and also noble made. I like me that not too many items in the shop are offered, are the photos of the model, and without seeing and although short but informative descriptions.

The prices are not hot bargain, but we get fine fabrics and a comfortable fit. The store is clearly structured and so a precious design. I like that not too many items are available in the shop, the photos with amodel and without, and although short but informative article descriptions.

Here My Personal Favorite Pieces From The SALE By Samoon:

Ideal for the hot temperatures: a cotton blouse with batik effect in Helltaupe or blue denim. Something is at the summer top: 100% cotton.Beautiful light and airy. Reduces of 79.95 to 59.95 euros.

These are my personal favorites: great for hot weather: a cotton blouse with tie-dyed effect in light taupe and denim blue. Nice and easy to wear in summer: 100% cotton. Reduced from 79.95 to 59.95 euros.

Jersey jacket in Taupe or lagoon blue, Gr. 42-54, instead of 49.95 now 39.95 euro.

Samoon is known for top quality and fine fabrics, so they put it here something in comparison to other suppliers–in this case, the otherwise simple Jersey jacket with a chiffon Panel is decorated from real silk.Casual to the top throw, long cut and casual.

Samoon is known for top quality and fine fabrics-in this case, the otherwise plain jersey jacket comes up with a chiffon decorated panel of real silk. Casual to wear, cut wide and long.

Matching in the same colors: 3/4 trousers from stretch cotton. Great pants for summer, casual carded, 69,95 euros.

Here comes color into play: fully announced this summer: coral.

Ultra cool olour this summer: coral.

Jersey Cardigan reduced to 49.95 euro 10,-euro.

Many parts of Samoon combine well and are often coordinated. Nicely done: the various color themes. Under ‘Specials’ woman can select their type of figure and receives the appropriate fashion. Who more going to the figure types here BB´s styling advice with XXLModeTipps. Always good and almost standard: free shipping and purchase on account.

Many pieces of the Samoon collection compliment each other perfectly in shape and color. “Nicely done: the various color themes.”Specials”: women can choose their body type and get the perfect styles. Always good and almost standard: free shipping and purchase orders.

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