German Consumer Minister Fulminate Against Printer Vendors

It is a nuisance for any printer owner that he may buy not any printer cartridge. Although the degree of compatibility with some manufacturers is quite high, but an exchange of cartridges from the printer of a manufacturer on the other is not possible. This prevents chips and other electronic and mechanical locks. The stated aim is persuading users to buy only the expensive printer supplies of original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

German Consumer Minister Fulminate Against Printer Vendors

German Consumer Minister Request Unit Cartridges

The last Conference of consumer Ministers of the German Länder brought a result that sit up let users of printers. Request uniform printer cartridges, which make possible also a multi-vendor usage. That brought Ralph Müller Beck, Secretary of the SPD, to log. His reasoning is even more interesting. He has calculated that a litre of ink currently costs 1,000 euro average. He holds up this award for inappropriate. Enforce the provider could these prices only because there is no real competition in the market due to the incompatibility. Müller Beck criticized also the marketing of printer manufacturers, who always again inaccurate claim that alternative ink or compatible printer cartridges may damage the hardware. Also, he took the practice on the grain, that the original printer manufacturer provided their cartridges with a date stamp and configure their firmware, then the cartridge no longer accept the printer via PRINTERHALL.

Goods Labelling Also “Under Attack”

The consumer Ministers have recognized another problem of the customer. Most give to no fill volumes, but the average expected range on their packaging manufacturer of ink cartridges and toner cartridges. So, the possibility of a direct price comparison assumes the customer.Contributes to this also, that the customer often don’t even know with what parameters specified obtained coverage at all.

Stiftung Warentest joins this opinion. You specifically point out that the warranty of the manufacturer of the printer does not automatically accounts for use of compatible consumables. The experts of the Stiftung Warentest are concluded her research, that up to 60 percent of the printing costs compared with the use of original cartridges can be saved with alternative toner cartridges and ink cartridges. And here, almost the original quality can be achieved during testing. Stiftung Warentest’s experts confirm this.