Galaxy S5 Zoom: Leak Promises Hexa-Core CPU and 20 MP

Half flagship Smartphone, half digital camera: The Galaxy S5 is zoom. Hardware data from Samsung’s hybrid device have surfaced again. These have to do not so much with the eponymous Galaxy S5, upgrade compared to its direct predecessor but part.

All six cores Samsung bought the Galaxy S5 zoom, when it comes to the SamMobile of confidential source about data. Four of them will be clocked with 1.3 GHz, which remained two 1.7 – latter value not once were the two single cores of its predecessor. The memory grows from 1.5 to 2 GB, the display from 4.3 to 4.8 inches. There is also room for more pixels: instead of 960 x 540, the Galaxy S5 zoom gathered the leak according to 1280 x 720 pixels on his Super-Amoled screen.

A propos more pixels: additional pixels are also to include the actual star of the Galaxy S5 camera zoom. Whopping 20.2 mega pixels should be the resolution of the new smartphone digicam hybrid from Samsung – comparison: in the Galaxy zoom S4, there were still 16. Otherwise, it remains at the ten times optical zoom, image stabilizer and xenon flash. The front camera, however, take photos of photos with 2.1 mega pixels and 1080 p video.

And Again Conflicting Data

The Galaxy S5 zoom already has several rounds of leak- and again the data differed from the previously released. It is so in this case again. The new specifications lie somewhere between the first surfaced Guide and the anonymously leak.