Galaxy 4 Touch Beats iPhone 6 Plus & DSLR In The Foto-Test

Who’s the best camera? To resolve this issue, the U.S. Portal PhoneArena has a Samsung Galaxy touch 4, iPhone 6 plus as well as a real digital SLR camera Canon EOS type 650D in the hand, leaving their photos from readers compare. In the vote on the best snapshots, none of the readers also knew which image was captured by which device.

Galaxy 4 Touch Beats iPhone 6 Plus & DSLR In The Foto-Test

The voting results are relatively clear: wins the Samsung Galaxy touch 4 clear in five of the six photographed scenes and collects some even far more than just the half of all votes. The two adversaries, are divided according to the rest of the vote with this iPhone 6 times plus and times the Canon more has received a couple of hundred meters 650D. Only in a scene showing a still life of colorful stuffed animals on a sofa, has the iPhone 6 plus the nose forward and triumphed with over 60% of the vote over the EOS (35 percent) and the Galaxy note 4 (almost 3 percent).

Better Than A DSLR Camera?

Who knows a little about photography or with a Smartphone compares just the price of a digital SLR camera, the wonder will, when he reads that the Galaxy delivers rated 4 or the iPhone 6 plus better photos than a Canon EOS 650D. This is of course only the case because PhoneArena has created first of all similar conditions to the test of three devices: all recordings of the EOS camera were caught with automatic settings and then export as a JPEG with as little influence.

But also when comparing the images taken by the two smartphones, it’s of course the respective taste. The iPhone 6 plus, PhoneArena, says is usually slightly warmer colors than they are in reality. In this way creates a pleasant image, if not entirely accurate. The Galaxy sharpens a bit after note 4, however, and stressed so special individual picture details – and this really enjoyed apparently some readers when comparing the photos. Here you can find an overview of the Smartphones, which could convince at curved especially with their cameras.