Fujifilm Hs50 Exr in the Test

In the class of the Mega zoom bridge camera Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR wants to teach fear the competition with its new 1/2-inch EXR sensor. Our test reveals whether it succeeds.

The Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR is a real Brummer and weighs a Whopping 820 grams. There is hardly a difference to the current small SLRs. But – there are two crucial differences. Bridge cameras the lens is firmly fitted and the sensor is much smaller than in a SLR, which only allows the huge focal range. And the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR is a bridge camera, even if she looks like a SLR camera.

Also, the arrangement of the operating elements and the handling of the HS50EXR are like in a SLR. On the rubberized grip is the digital camera at A2zcamerablog.com to hold very well, buttons and dials are fine to use from the holding position. The labelling of controls is clear, pleasant size and the main command dial at the top of the camera locks tired.

The positions are known settings P, S, A, M, and C. In addition, there are six positions with different functions are available. Another adjustment wheel is located right by the main command dial of the HS50EXR. So are menu items or values “drive through”. The buttons with a diameter of 6.5 mm have significant pressure points.

24 parameters for the perfect picture

On the left side of the camera is a rotary switch for three focus settings. “Manual focus”, “single focus” or “Continuous focus” can be selected here. This hard snap-switch has added a button in the middle. In manual mode, the Magnifier can be activated thus. The menu button in the middle of the four-way button takes you to the main and recording menu.

The main menu of the Fujifilm HS50EXR offers setting options for 18 positions, from the date to display settings to the default settings of the camera are stored here. And the shooting menu offers 24 positions for the recording parameters. There remains no adjustment request.

In practice, it is simply too lengthy to rummage between the images in the menu, and to switch to different values. Fujifilm has well solved that with a Quick menu . A “Q” button provides direct access to a range of important shooting settings. And that’s not all. A fn button can be assigned individually with one of 13 selectable functions. Then, press the Fn button causes the immediate activation of the selected setting. Thus, the extensive menu is pretty tame.


Tiltable display

The rotating and pivoting 3-inch display HS50EXR has a resolution of 307.000 RGB pixels. The picture is razor sharp and colors are perfectly reproduced the brightness can be adjusted to 5 levels. Must be a display.

The 0.26 inch electronic viewfinder the FinePix HS50EXR also has a resolution of approx. 307.000 pixels, the viewfinder display differs from the representation on the display. It maps colors not quite so clean, bright areas of the image are always slightly greenish. High contrast problems obviously, it Shimmers something at the bright dark edges. Icons and fonts are clearly visible on the display, as well as in the viewfinder.

The focal length of the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR range from 24 mm to 1000 mm (KB). The light intensity starts at 2.8 and goes down to 5.6 at the long focal lengths. At the moment it is still inconceivable to coat a this type of focal length range with a SLR lens – such a lens would have monstrous dimensions when the size of the sensor. Here, the bridge cameras play their strength.

Always better functioning despite the image stabilizers, use a stable tripod at long focal lengths can do no harm. A 58 mm filter thread allows the use of filters, macro images are possible from 1 cm Super macro mode.

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The built-in Flash of the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR soars at your fingertips from the housing. He is undressed, you have access to the Flash settings. Back in the housing, no access to Flash functions is the Flash button. This is a good protection against misuse. A brighter, external flash unit can be attached to the hot shoe. Fujifilm two own devices offers optional, the EF-42 and EF-20.

Easy-grip controls

The Fujifilm HS50EXR is robust, and a Thick extra plus there is for the easy-grip design of the rotating zoom and the ring for manual focusing. Another advantage is the lateral compartment for the memory card on the right side of the camera. So can stay fastened to the optimally equipped camera on the tripod and must be not unscrewed, to move the map.

As the last feature the EXR function of the Fujifilm HS50EXR is to highlight, which can improve the contrast behavior. The newly developed sensor of HS50EXR has taken over this feature from previous models. Even the most difficult lighting conditions can be with this function. Here Fujifilm has their very own way as also for the sensor format, which is located with the 1/1.7 inch, 1/2 inch diagonal between the 1 / 2.3 inch Minikins.

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Sobering shots

All reads are impressive and we were tense as Flitzebogen on the images of the Fujifilm HS50EXR. The disappointment was all the greater. The metrics they could still begin support the good impression of the camera, the Visual evaluation installed mercilessly it the day: the images are broken calculated. Rather than tolerate a little noise the images – just not a football field are 1/2 inch diagonal – are so heavily smoothed, losing any living structure. At ISO 100 abides by the effect still within limits, but even at ISO 400, the HS50EXR despite their larger sensors are completely lubricates. The faces of our models look so alive as a death mask.

One wonders all seriousness, what the developers have probably smoked at programming work. So, the Fujifilm HS50EXR lost not only the tip, but certainly many sympathies with committed photographers. Remains only the hope that Fujifilm is perhaps a better returns and irons out the worst processor artifacts as part of Firmware Updates . Until then you can help yourself only with RAW format, which also dominates the camera.

Review conclusion

The Fujifilm HS50 EXR could be a top Mega zoom camera. Were it not the broken calculated images. It’s a pity really.