From Blue to Black: How to Use All Lipstick Colors

There was a time where having a pink lipstick and a red one was enough in the drawer. But now this color chart has been covered so much that it is humanly (and money mind) impossible to get all the colors that the world of beauty offers us. Not only is it difficult to have everything, but it is also impossible to discover alone with what compose the rest of the makeup … After all, I use a blush tone to match with black lipstick? And the blue lipstick? What shade should I use to dive with him without looking like a smurf?

From Blue to Black: How to Use All Lipstick Colors

We well know what a complicated task, so we separate some images from the internet that will help create incredible and stylish makes you totally out of the ordinary! Check it out:

Blue Bat

This is a color you do not see much around, right? Being very daring, the best thing to do is not regret the rest of the makeup. To get around the eyes with a black pencil, to lick the eyeliner and / or to abuse the eyelash mask are some practical ideas that will enhance the eyes without competing with the colored lips. If you want to use shade anyway, give preference to neutral and cold tones, gray and brown.

Green Lipstick

I could see that I left the most difficult tones to begin with, right? Hahaha Green is not as common as blue, but in my opinion, it is even more usual. With it you can even combine with more shades of shade leaving the look more sophisticated. Shades of pearl, gold and warm brown look beautiful!

Purple Lipstick

At first the crowd was awkward. I still know some people who avoid purple lipstick because they think they have yellowed or even corpse-like teeth (seriously, I’ve heard that). About getting yellowed teeth I even believe … depending on the tone there may be a contrast to your smile and give that terrible impression, but about looking like a corpse, I refute! HAHA

With purple lipstick the look gets more glamorous if combined with slightly rosy shades, pearls, golds and neutral tones of browns. And I do not know why, but I think it’s all about prom, do not you think?

Pink Lipstick

There are thousands of nuances of rose. Some are more vibrant, others paler and still others border the childish one. So all care is little … You have to be very careful when combining the makeup with the rose, even if it is one of the most common lipstick colors that we know. From the references we find on the internet, we can conclude that it is best to always leave the look well marked and neutral so as not to compete with the lips.

The look can also be well crafted, or not … I find it lovely when the pink lipstick is combined with just mascara and blush.

Here are some inspirations for you not to miss:

Brown Batom

This is a trend of the 90’s that hit hard at the end of last year and promises to permeate throughout 2016. Keep an eye on this color, because you will see many releases in the name of this fashion.

I’m totally suspicious, since ever since Kylie Jenner came parading around with her brown lips, I had no more doubts that this color was going to bomb !!! I found it super sophisticated and received the novelty with open arms.

For the rest of the makeup, I like when this lipstick is combined with a warmer, more enlightening skin and neutral eyes.

The colder brown tones still share opinion, but I particularly find it incredible and you? Like?

Black Lipstick

Contrary to popular belief, black lipstick is not an exclusivity for Goths. This is a color that can be very well incorporated in everyday life as long as you are stylish enough to hold the look. Hahaha Joking, I’m not trying to pressure you. The truth is that not only can any one of us use it, but that’s also giving colors that are easier to compose. You can use it with warm colors, cool colors, or more neutral shade, you can use with only a trace of eyeliner or caprichar in the faded black …. It’s more democratic than it looks and error proof! Maybe the only thing you’re going to have to pay attention to is either the blush or the outline so it does not make the look too heavy.

Next you check out some pictures of girls that will give you a thousand and one reasons to start wearing black lipstick NOW!

What’s up? What did you think? Is there a color you would not use at all?

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