Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga

What are the physical benefits of yoga?

Yoga makes everything work properly. It increases our energy and vitality. It makes us more flexible and strong. It promotes balance and coordination. It promotes the health of the spine. It facilitates the Elimination of toxins from our body. It lowers blood pressure. It regulates the endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular system. It promotes digestion.

It stimulates all of our organs, oxygenates and feeds our cells so that they work well. It improves our immune system. It helps to treat some diseases and reduce pain. Makes us see us more young and radiant. It regulates sleep. Connects us with our body and we naturally begin to love him and give him what he needs.

The list of benefits of yoga goes on and on.

And the mental benefits?

Yoga helps to improve concentration and memory, increases our intellectual capacities, and stimulates creativity. Calm anxiety and stress and help treat depression. Makes us more positive and calming the mental speech that largely determines our experience. In addition to this, it is a system of personal development with countless effects. For example, helps us to heal emotionally and to release which prevents our growth. It increases their self-esteem, personal motivation, help to overcome fears. Help us to accept the changes, challenges, to feel secure but open-hearted.

It may make us feel really happy and connected with something beyond ourselves.

Can yoga help me to calm a high level of stress?

Without a doubt. The main benefit of yoga is that us relaxes. Yoga brings together various techniques to treat stress such as breathing, meditation, stretching and movement.

Loose tension muscle and calm our mental activity. How to clean our minds of both noise and be fully in the present moment, where we can act effectively. It calms the nerves because it reduces our response of fight or flight, emerge from where disproportionate responses of anxiety and irascibility. On the other hand, it increases staff confidence and changes our perspective to the results, whereupon the anxiety and worry usually decrease.

I do yoga if I’m not strong or flexible?

Clear that Yes. For that we just practice yoga. Yoga does not require us to be flexible or strong, but his practice Yes increases flexibility and strength. Yoga increases flexibility as we practice it, and this flexibility is tied to the health of all our body, our vitality, emotional loads that we let go, to relax mentally. In the same way, yoga increases our physical strength and interior. The pictures you see of yoga postures are misleading, because most of the people in the world are not so. Yoga is for real people and adapts to the needs of each one. Each one makes his practice respecting the limits and characteristics of your own body. Also, why there are different streams and adaptations of yoga. In fact, the classic yoga is a yoga suitable to most people. In addition the yoga is not “reach” anywhere. It is an ongoing process and everyone starts from the point where your body allows it.

I do yoga if I’m not athletic?

Yoga is for any body type. The best of yoga is that you don’t have to be all that different from what you are. One of his biggest lessons is precisely, get rid of the “ought to be” so torments us and shows us that we are beautiful, unique, and we have all to be full. It’s honoring the body, accept it as is, and take care of it so you can have a radiant health. The same is true with our whole being. Yoga does not compare. Yoga does not judge, just loves and celebrates. There will be easy postures and other more difficult. Where to get well is because each one is different.

Can yoga help me lose weight?

That depends on the type of yoga, but definitely practice helps us greatly to feel good about ourselves and see ourselves healthier. The practice of yoga makes everything runs better, which will have a more radiant face and stay in shape, so we will be better. It may that not in all cases, yoga is reflected in a decrease in weight, but we usually lose some weight. The reason is that yoga brings us to a State of inner balance where the good life habits are almost spontaneously, as a healthier diet. There are contemporary versions of yoga that are dynamic and physically demanding (such as Ashtanga, Power or Vinyasa) that can be most suitable for this purpose and burn more calories. But more important still, yoga brings us to change the look because it makes us feel good about ourselves.