Four Tips To Take A Picture With The Galaxy Note 4

Better photos with the Samsung Galaxy the camera of the top Smartphones from Samsung offers note 4: with a resolution of 16 MP good prerequisites for sharp images. But with a few settings in the camera app you can pick out more rated 4 from the photos of the Galaxy. Here, you can find out which settings are appropriate in which moments in order to analyse the recordings.

Use “Wide Selfie” Mode

If you a self portrait would take on note 4 with the 3.7-MP front camera of the Galaxy, is the so-called “wide Selfie” mode recommended. Thus you – can similarly expand the angle as the panorama mode of the main camera – and capture more of the background. To do this tap the “mode”-button when you switches to the front-facing camera, and selects the option “Wide Selfie” from. In this way, you can create your even better Selfies.

Four Tips To Take A Picture With The Galaxy Note 4

Presets For Certain Sceneries

Samsung has provided the camera app on the Galaxy in note 4 only with a few presets for specific scenarios, because many are not used often. In the Galaxy-app-store, you can download modes you but complementary. There are six total: sequence, animation, sound and environment, sport, food. After downloading, you can choose the presets by you typing the “mode” button in the camera app.

Photograph No Camera Sound

The camera of the Galaxy also note 4 automatically makes a sound when you pressed the shutter button. The so-called shutter sound is mostly useful as both photographer and the photographed person to hear, when the picture was taken. In some situations the sound can be but also an obstacle, for example, if you want to photograph animals that might be spooked by the noise. You must take the picture from the vibration mode to take pictures silently. It activates it by pulling the status bar from the top of the screen and tapping on the speaker icon.

Use Burst Mode

With the Galaxy known as burst mode note 4 can take you easily burst. If you hold down the shutter button locks the focus and up to 30 pictures are shot in a row. These can then individually you you, display to select the desired photos; or let her show you the images as animated scene.


  • With wide Selfie mode, you can capture a bigger piece of the background for self portraits
  • Presets provide you preferences for certain sceneries
  • If you want to photograph without shutter sound, you have to switch over to the status bar in the vibration mode
  • With the burst mode can take up to 30 pictures her in rapid succession, if you hold down the shutter button