Fluorescent Light Bulb and Balloon

We are extremely proud to introduce our work that is unique!

Fluorescent Light Bulb and Balloon

This year we present our newest product – illuminated balloons and decorations are not only unique VARNA, but also for Bulgaria!

Yes, we built light in our decorations.

Inspired by the magic of light, we decided that we will find ways and shapes that create, acquire more magnetic type.

After 1 year of searching for the optimal solution and attempts at resistance, we finally found it on DENGPAO!

We found the opportunity each balloon print is highlighted, and not just the so-called finished. LED balloons.

But our greatest pride is that the figures themselves could shine.

Hearts, flowers, figures from balloons now have a new look and can make every party and personal celebration even more magical, more humor and unforgettable memories.

Especially for 14:02, all who have chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we present a radiant heart of love!

It can be made in your favorite color of your choice, it will now be able to shine with the rhythm of love.

For now you can see and made decorations in their category – Luminous balloons.